Aug 20, 2017 - NEW YORK


At the NY NOW® Summer 2017 Market, Colombian Designer Ximena Rozo will be debuting her 2017 collection of traditional meets contemporary home accessories. Hand-crafted by artisan communities in Colombia, Ximena Rozo Design products deliver an emotional connection between the end users and the vibrant, rich culture and creative heritage of Latin America. Slated for August 20-23, the XRD 2017 Rosso Home Collection can be found at Booth #3679 in the Artisan Resource.


Entrepreneur Ximena Rozo has been an industrial and textile designer for most of her career. Before setting up her company, she worked for Boeing on the 787 Dreamliner and has more than 15 patents in aircraft design. Like many other professionals, Ximena is a ‘modern dweller, experiencing many relocations throughout her life, which inspired her to establish networks in communities across the globe as well as brainstorm creative ways to design portable, functional and innovative home accessories for urbanites. It wasn’t long until Rozo saw a compelling opportunity to foster economic and social development in her homeland of Colombia, “I wanted to preserve the culture and identity of indigenous Latin America while also contributing to the reduction of its poverty, exclusion and unemployment.”


In 2016, she founded Ximena Rozo Design, featuring hand woven rugs, pillows, throws and more, all expertly hand-crafted by Colombian artisans. And, this year at NY NOW, she is excited to debut her newest designs, which now includes lamps as well as a full line of textiles - the 2017 Rosso Home Collection - with the color red as the focal point, signifying strength, energy and optimism. For this 2017 collection, Rozo collaborated with artisans from La Guajira, Sucre, Cesar and Cundinamarca, four different regions in Colombia. Rozo adds, “This collection is about empowerment. I strive to empower artisans in my homeland, and this collection is a way to bring their skillset, my vision and creativity to life.”


Ximena uses the finest quality fibers in her products, sourced from a reputable alpaca farm in Peru—where they treat their Alpacas with the highest quality of care and harvest fleece responsibly. From South America to the shelves of stores like Anthropolgie, XRD products range in retail prices from $87 - $300.


For Ximena, there is nothing more rewarding than recognizing the role she plays in connecting positive energies across continents. “On one side of the globe, there is someone laying their head on one of my pillows or being covered by my throw and on the other side, there is a hardworking artisan using their hands to make it. I have brought together so many talented teams in this whole process, and when I connect the dots and see the results coming to life, I experience an indescribable rewarding feeling.”


For more info about Ximena Rozo Design, please visit www.ximenarozo.com/ and find on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



About Ximena Rozo Design

Ximena Rozo Design combines traditional designs and artisan techniques with the highest quality materials to create contemporary beautiful home accessories. All products are manufactured in an efficient and responsible manner by artisan communities in Colombia.


Media Inquiries:  Ximena Rozo

Email: design@ximenarozo.com

Cell: 860-581-3384

Website: www.ximenarozo.com

Instagram: @ximenarozodesign


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Ximena Rozo Design brings contemporary, smart and lasting solutions to home decor, moving away from uninspiring, mass-produced furnishings. XRD serves the life of the urban nomad who is space-conscious, design-minded, and driven by an innovative lifestyle. We translate people’s needs into something beautiful with designs that emphasize color vibrancy and rich tactile qualities, realized in unconventional forms that embrace the familiarity of home. I founded XRD with the belief that people value access to contemporary designs that tell stories. We focus on functionality, superior craftsmanship, and materials, to create permanence rather than disposability.

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